Terms of Service


DarkShell Rules

  • One account per user.
  • 10 background process.
  • Connetions to UnderNet are not allowed due tu users abuse.
  • No using the server for hosting malware.
  • Do not port scan any host on the internet from any DarkShell server or host.
  • No torrents of any kind. Downloaded, stored, clients, etc.
  • No running exploits on the server.
  • No using the server for taking part in DDoS.
  • No exploits or any type of spam.
  • No tunneling.
  • No reverse shell.
  • No !keep scripts are allowed.
  • No Multiple accounts.
  • No IRCd on free server.
  • No porn
  • No illegal drugs
  • No promotion of violence
  • Do not share accounts or passwords
  • Stay on #DarkShell (DalNET or DarkShell)

Contact US. You can find us in DarkIRC

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